Saturday, 25 February 2017


We decided to walk into the neighbouring town of Mattancherry to escape the 'hoardes' but it was VERY hot and dusty. The walk takes around 45 minutes but we stopped to browse in some of the little shops as the prices are very much cheaper away from the main drag. I bought a couple of pairs of lightweight Indian trousers for around £1.50 a pair. They may not be suitable for wear outside India but …... at those prices!!

A few photos taken on the walk between towns:

goats will be goats!   this one obviously took a fancy to the motorbike


Some of the shop signs are very funny here ... I'll try to gather a few together to make a final blog post when back in England with decent internet speeds/connections

Angela ..... if you're looking in, I've lined up a couple of DIY projects for Alan - there are some fabulous buildings/sites just crying out for attention here  !!

and Health & Safety isn't an issue

Sadly Mattancherry was also busy with tourist coach arrivals so we headed to the outskirts and found a lovely restaurant serving 'everything Ginger' …. we were able to sit at a table by the waterfront sipping very refreshing Ginger/Lime and Soda drinks (sweetened with local sugar cane extract). The restaurant had a small museum attached but we didn't get the chance to look around. There were some nice carvings/statues in the restaurant area though.

One of these is not a statue (spot the imposter)

Then a white breasted kingfisher flew in and perched on the wall of a neighbouring building. They aren't as pretty as the 'common kingfishers' as they look quite dull until you see them in flight and catch the brilliant blue plumage. I waited for ages for this one to take off but the only photo I managed to snap was when he first went into dive mode so his blue plumage didn't show … boring!

Mattancherry has the oldest synagogue in the British Commonwealth (we visited it in 2014).   It was founded in the 1500s but now there are only 5 Jews left in the entire city.   However, the area is known as Jewtown.

We've noticed that there is not much deferring to political correctness in India ... Call a spade a spade etc.,  most signs in public places don't bother with Please or Thank You ... they simply  instruct you NOT to do xxxxxxx   signs like this appear everywhere and nobody plays the 'offended' card - so refreshing!


  1. I especially like the large elephant carving, absolutely beautiful. Also the lesser spotted David, very rare!

  2. NicePics! 'Swastika' is an ancient auspicious symbol of good luck and prosperity in India that was hijacked by Hitlar and nazis. Nothing to be 'offended' .