Saturday, 25 February 2017


After disembarking the steam train at Ooty David and I wanted to stretch our legs a little and we remembered that the town has a small but thriving market so we asked Joshi our driver to wait for an hour so we could explore. Again, we had fun with the vendors – this is a retail market so lots of local ladies were doing their food shopping or buying garlands of flowers as offerings for gods at the local temple (which was obviously being redecorated and was obscured by scaffolding)

We were intrigued by these guys playing a fast and furious game which was like 'board' snooker – flicking counters across the boards to get them into pockets. We watched for a while but just couldn't work out the rules.

I don't think any money was changing hands but there was a great deal of excitement at the tables

We bought some spicy Indian snacks from a very nice guy who was keen to practice his English skills on us and also some wonderful peppercorns and black tea. The local peppercorns are much nicer than anything bought in England


  1. Bit confused as to how Joshi fits into your schedule. Did he accompany you on the train?

  2. I think he had to jog along behind Di :)

  3. sorry Di ... Jenni is almost right (LOL) ... Joshi travelled separately in the car with our luggage and met us at Ooty when we disembarked the train. Should have made that clearer but all these posts are written in such a hurry!