Tuesday, 21 February 2017


Well its been another hot/sticky day but we managed a 2 hour walk this morning and another later this afternoon/early evening .. but its hard work when the weather is this steamy. We've said goodbye to one of the couples here and met 3 more today (plus there's still two ladies who were already here when we arrived, so its a transient society but nice to chat to different people and find out where they've been and what they've seen. We love the relaxed atmosphere of this Homestay but will be relieved to move on and cut down on food. Our hostess Sumi mothers everybody and organises wonderful local dishes for breakfast, lunch and Dinner .. its hard to resist but we're just not used to eating three meals a day!

We leave here tomorrow (Wednesday) after breakfast – we'll be staying one night in Cochin which basically gives us an afternoon/evening and half day on Thursday to reacquaint ourselves with the town.

A few(!) photographs from today's walks around the plantation/and local village areas

As there no time to manipulate any of the pictures these are 'as is' so apologies for poor quality on some.

Cheerful village ladies

Just 'chilling' at the local church

This poor chook looks as though he's been partly plucked already

local ladies preparing the freshly caught shrimps in the open air

such a common sight in India - overloaded truck

Deep in thought

School's out

one of the many beautiful local children in the village

and another

Run out of time ..... more at next place where we have wifi.


  1. Some lovely portraits there Sue, I just love the little girl with the white headscarf

  2. They are all lovely kids and its a pleasure to meet them and let them practice their English on us ..