Thursday, 2 March 2017


We were quite sorry to say goodbye to Black Buck Lodge ...  Gujerat is different to other places we've visited.    The town/area around the airport is pretty horrific with high rise flats/office buildings and roads that seemed more scary than those in Mumbai.     But after an hour the scenery changed and the land is very, very flat - flood plains/fenland which is currently arid but obviously very fertile.    Everything seemed geared around growing cotton or keeping cows/oxen/water buffalo.

I'm not sure why you'd visit Gujerat unless, like us, you were specifically heading for a conservation centre/wildlife park.

Our driver was the same guy who'd collected us from the airport on Monday.    He's a good driver but his English is very limited so for 3 hours we let him concentrate on the roads and we just took photos through the windows/windscreen as things caught our attention.

Again, apologies for the quality of these photos - not easy getting good pics when the car is bouncing around and the roads are dusty/windscreen dirty ... but it stopped us from dozing off on the back seats

In no particular order ... some street scenes we encountered

mudpack time!

Just follow your nose !!

 Most hold-ups/traffic jams on the roads are caused by cows ... either just wandering along on their own or often being driven onto the road by cowherds who expect road traffic to halt until the cows have safely reached the other side

The seriously overloaded trucks/bikes/tuk tuks fascinate me

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  1. The overloaded trucks, tuk tuks and motorbikes are a constant source of amazement. I wonder how many accidents they have!